FITRE is a manufacturer with an enviable experience in the industrial telecommunications sector, found in a very complete and wide range of products, offering the most advanced technical solutions for communications in Transports and Heavy Industries as Petrochemical,Power and Industrial Plants and other harsh environments. That is proven by countless worldwide installations. 


Strongly focused to provide real added value and creative problem solving solutions to its Customers, FITRE often is partner with leading manufacturers to supply state of- the-art products on the whole product range.


With its own Hardware and Software Laboratories, develops systems and equipment based on the most up to date communications technologies, both analogue than VoIP, and corresponding the most stringent certification standards. 


It has to be particularly highlighted the Emergency Systems with centralised diagnostic, designed for applications in Oil & Gas Plants, Railway Stations, Tunnels and on board trains, certified according to EN50155 & EN54- 16 rules. 


The heart of these systems is “Astro System Manager”, a perfect integrated digital IP system, modular and flexible for optimally managing the communication services for all these applications. 


With the own specific and distinguishing flexibility, each system may be configured meeting all the Customer’s specifications, even developing special functions. 


Astro is designed for operating as a stand-alone system and has a modern IP based digital scalable architecture, either in software and in hardware, so that it offers the maximum level of flexibility and modularity and it can be expanded just adding software functions and/or hardware modules. 


A common platform for managing both Intercom, Emergency and Public Address functions: thanks to this fully exploitable system setting, Astro is the perfect solution to fulfil every communications demands. 


Everything is designed for meeting the high sophisticated demand in terms of safety and reliability, proposing redundant as well hierarchic architectures. 


If that were not enough, FITRE guarantees the maximum level of flexibility and integration of the system respect to the functional point of view, configuring the “Astro System Call Manager” according to the Customer’s specifications and providing the interfaces with the external systems (also supplied by others) through appropriate standard software tools. The operator has a real-time control of the system status and he can manage even by remote, through a standard Internet connection. 


Even in case of long distance connections between the LAN switch and the intercom/telephone stations, FITRE supports own Customers offering ReteMatic Fitre® , the state of- the-art technology based on two only wires connection, for transporting either the power supply voltage and the digital SIP protocols.


To satisfy all needs, FITRE manufactures a very wide range of station types: flush mounting, wall mounting and desk stations, weatherproof and vandal-proof, also with the required customized keys.